Friday, December 31, 2010

Random Thoughts: My 2011 New Year’s Resolutions

Well, it’s New Year’s Eve today so I thought I’d just recap what I have accomplished, in terms of my 2010 resolutions and put down my 2011 ones. Hopefully next year will be better. It is the Year of the Rabbit, for those of you who follow the Chinese Zodiac, which is my year! So fingers crossed!

First, I thought of going through my 2010 resolutions to see how they can be improved next year.

1) To be more loyal to my blog and post more frequently and regularly

I did do this, to an extent. I posted more this year compared to 2009 when I started the blog but am still unhappy with the mountain of reviews I have stored in my brain, waiting to come out and be posted. 2011 will definitely be bigger and better!

2) To meet and make many new blog buddies

Accomplished! All thanks to joining blog hops and my 2 big giveaways this year. I will try to do more for next year. And also to definitely make more and more buddies!

3) To take better care of myself physically and mentally

This one was a toughie. Physically, I think I got worse (see below resolution for more detail), mentally I definitely grew. Due to my unfinished college education, I’ve got 6 months more to go! And also I did get to read more books this year. Hope to increase that number for sure!

4) To lose 5kg

Ah, the darn weight loss issue. I think I successfully put on MORE weight when I was supposed to lose it. I so need to look for a good gym around here. One that doesn’t force you into submission and make me never want to step foot in that place ever again! Not that simple here in Malaysia I assure you.

5) To attend more events and workshops (hopefully)

Another one shot down, which is so sad as I love learning more from these events. 2010 has been a bullish year. Am going to carry this forward to 2011.

6) To do all the things I couldn't in 2009

Wondering why I listed this in the first place. It’s just so vague, isn’t it? Well I DID get better at typing, for that I am happy. Won’t be relisting this resolution for sure!

7) To take up photography seriously and be a more creative person

My photography skills have definitely improved since the beginning of 2010, when I got my first DSLR baby. I really should finish reading that manual though. Got to learn those basics!

8) To spend wisely (doesn't mean I will buy less...tee hee)

Ah, I think I did buy less this year. Except for those presents for others, I think I may have overdone it a little. Oh well, they can still be used for upcoming events so that isn’t so bad.

9) To travel and experience new things

This, I really didn’t get to do. To travel more I mean. I love traveling and hope to do more in 2010. I did try some new foods! And found one I really dislike!

10) To live life to the fullest

Again another vague one. I so did not accomplish this. Oh well, 2011 is a brand new year after all!

Now for my 2011 resolutions!! In completely random order

1) To AGAIN be more loyal to my blog and post more frequently and regularly, and to get it redesigned and nice and tidy (which I am currently in the midst of)

2) To finish up the rest of my college degree, to the best of my abilities

3) To lose 5kg

Brought this forward, even though I now have to lose more weight, but let’s start with a more achievable number.

4) To take up photography seriously

There’s just so much of it I want to explore, like Macro Photography! Now if only I could travel more.

5) To make new blog buddies

6) To save more money for my future travels and spending wisely on books!

I just love books! Already I have too many that have not been read. Must get on those!

7) To attend more events and workshops

8) To travel more and read more

9) To get a part-time job AND learn to drive!

10) To be a better person (calmer and more patient)

11) To clear the clutter that’s in my house

Random Thoughts: Email Subscription

Just letting everyone know that I have just updated the blog with Email Subscription, in case anyone wants to follow via email, I think it's easier to check out posts this way. Hope you'll become a subscriber!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Just A Tip: What To Do With Moisturizers You No Longer Want

I'm sure you've all been in that situation where we buy buy buy and store, hide, pack away. We're girls and who doesn't love shopping for that special item that may restore our youth? In the end we end up with numerous moisturizers, even more once we actually start digging deep into those drawers and closets.

So sometimes we fall out of love with the moisturizer after the whole long-lost find. Or maybe it's been sitting hidden so long you're afraid it may react badly on your facial skin. Perhaps you feel bad about the price you had to pay for it but now am not willing to give it away, yet don't want to use it on your face.

The simple solution: Use it on your neck, or even on your legs and feet! They definitely won't complain and the risks are lower that you'll break out.

Just a tip, so you don't throw out a fairly good product and waste it.

Till next time!

By Abby

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Giveaway Goodies: Holiday Gift Giveaway Hop WINNERS!

I had quite some fun with the Hop! It was my first so I wasn't expecting too much from it but I garnered 572 entries! Wow!! Thanks for all the support you guys!

I also loved entering the countless giveaways on other blogs as well as reading all your comments! I got a whole lot of new GFC and Twitter followers so that was cool, I tweet giveaways so you may want to stick around!

Just thought I'd list some of my fave comments, mostly about what you'd do with the Amazon GC if you won it. Among the memorable and cute ones were:
Stage performance items!! (how cool is that)

A new pet vacuum (this one REALLY caught my attention, how cute is that!)

A Leapster (?? is it a game?)

Ever wonderful books and movie DVDs (I saw mention of Smallville and cookbooks!)

Gifts for kids and officemates

I really wish I could give all of you a prize, but I can't, for now at least.

Okay, on to the WINNERS!

$25 GC goes to post #452, Jessie!
$20 Amazon GC goes to
post #116, Jen M!
$10 Amazon GC goes to
post #289, spamgirl!

Congrats again ladies. All winners have been CONFIRMED.

Thank you all who participated. I'll be following you back soon! To those of you who have blogs/twitter that is.

Hope to see your comments on my other blog entries as well as future giveaways!

Until then,
By Abby

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Giveaway Goodies: Holiday Gift Giveaway Hop is Here!!

Holiday Gift Giveaway Hop

Told you there was going to be another giveaway didn’t I now? Was that soon enough? And this one is for gift cards! So you get to pick your own gift. I, along with, I don't even know how many (more and more are joining every minute!) other lovely bloggers am part of this year’s Holiday Gift Giveaway Hop! This is my first Hop so please be gentle with me starting small.

My prizes are:

Gift #1

$25 Gift Certificate (donated by the great people at Jasmere, of course!) *US only*

Gift #2

$20 Amazon Gift Certificate *INT where it applies*

Gift #3

$10 Amazon Gift Certificate *INT where it applies*

To Enter this simple giveaway (mandatory):

Follow my blog on Google Friend Connect.

Post your username.

Pick your gift (for US, you can put Gift #1,2,3. for INT, please just put Gift #2&3)

Bonus Entries (1 entry each):

  1. Follow darkmotives on Twitter and post your Twitter name.
  2. Tweet this giveaway and post your tweet link. (1 a day)
You can use this one:

#Win GCs to Amazon and Jasmere Holiday Gift Giveaway Hop #Contest


3. Where do you reside (I am just curious)
4. What would you get with the Amazon Gift Card (just for fun)

Open to US/INT

Giveaway starts December 1, 2010 at 12:01 am EST (Midnight) and ends December 5, 2010 at 11:59 pm EST. I will use to pick the lucky winners. Winners will be notified by email and have 48 hours to reply otherwise I will have to do a redraw.

All the best everyone! Don’t forget to check out the other amazing blogs below to up your winning chances. I know I will! Have fun and Happy Holidays!

Check out the other giveaways on the Holiday Gift Giveaway Hop

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Giveaway Goodies: WINNERS and A New Giveaway Notice!!

After a long two months slaving over books and the computer, I am finally off for the holidays! And thus am able to select the winners of my giveaway. There were a few problems, some people not following proper rules and all so I had to weed them all out! Set 1 only had 3 people contesting and a total of 11 entries (gasp!) while Set 2 had 203 entries!! Look at that difference! Anyway, without further ado, here are the winners!!

Set 1 goes to electronicfly

Set 2 goes to Shaima812

Bonus 3
goes to wendy

Bonus 4 goes to joanne.j

Winners, you have 48 hours to reply to my email to collect your prize. Please don't make me redraw. I'd hate to do so.

Thank you to ALL who have participated. Do not worry, for there will be another giveaway starting December 1-5!! Yes, TOMORROW!! So come on back and play again for more goodies! Giveaway starts at 12:01 am EST!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Freebies A-Hauling: Nutox Roadshow at 1 Utama

Just a small post without pictures. While walking around 1U after dinner I noticed a Nutox Roadshow and a lady there approached me with a form. You just fill it up with your details and hand it back and tada(!) a 5ml Nutox Oxyfusion Advanced Serum Concentrate with Bird's Nest Collagen!!

Was glad she wasn't pushy about the other products. Roadshow ends this Sunday, 28th November so go grab yours while stocks last!

Also ending this Sunday is my first blog giveaway! Check the previous post for the giveaway. Hope you'll enter!

Until next time,
By Abby.

Friday, October 1, 2010

1st Anniversary Giveaway Is Finally Here!

Giveaway Has Now Ended. Please check back soon for results and for a new giveaway notice!!

I started "blogging" in September of 2009. I didn't think I'd be so swamped that I wouldn't be able to blog frequently but it happened. But as a promise to blog more, I am having this giveaway! I have so many half-finished stories in my head it hurts but until I have to time to write them out, this will have to do.

Thank you to the 30 followers of mine for the support. I hope it will continue.

First, a look at the prizes. There are 4.

Set 1: Malaysia ONLY

Set 2: International

Bonus 3&4: Everywhere

Prize Breakdown
1. Set 1 can only be won by Malaysians.
2. Set 2 is open internationally.
3. Bonus 3&4 will be chosen from the remaining combined Set1&2 finalists.

To win you must:

1. Be a follower and state the below: (1 entry) MUST be done before extras.


Set # (1 or 2):

Fave post on my blog:

What do you like about my blog:

Any changes I should make to my blog:

For additional chances to win (leave a separate comment for each entry):

2. Comment on which Category I should update more. (1 entry)

3. Follow me on twitter @darkmotives. {state your twitter username below}

(1 entry)

4. Tweet about this giveaway and post your tweet URL in the comments below.

You can tweet once a day until the deadline! Tweet can be done daily and must include @darkmotives (1 entry per tweet)

5. Blog about the giveaway and post a link to your blog post in the comments below.

(3 extra entries)

6. If you're one of my first 30 followers, you get 1 free entry so please post below. (1 entry)

7. Comment on a non-giveaway post in my blog. Please state which post below!

(1 entry each, 2 posts max)

8. Put my giveaway button on your blog and state your blog link below. You can use this image link: (1 entry)

Please make sure you're following properly as I will check all links! Tweets must not be private!

Entries will be accepted until November 28, 2010, Midnight GMT+8.
Winners' names will be posted here as well as emailed within the week!
You will then have 48 hours to claim your prize or another winner will be picked.

Open Worldwide

Winner will be chosen through to make things fair, more entries more

chances of winning!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Freebies A-Hauling: Send For Samples - Bio-essence and Libresse

To everyone living in Malaysia, you can grab some samples by just filling up a form!

Here are 2 of them:


Even though it says there to expect a week or so for delivery, I received mine just days after submitting the form! How is that for good service!

Bio-essence Complete Nourishing Sleeping Mask:

This just started on Facebook. There is also a contest going on so do both if you'd like!

That's all for now. Stay tuned for my giveaway! Have a great long weekend!

By Abby

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Face It: Clarins samples from Jusco!

Today I was at Mid Valley getting my brand new haircut. Also, since I was there, I went and picked up some Clarins samples including the new Shaping Facial Lift, the old formula was already a bestseller so this one sounds promising too. Got my samples from a voucher within the Jusco magazine.

Check out the below pictures for more information.

The nice SA Affa gave me a consultation followed by 1 Shaping Facial Lift, HydraQuench Cream, and a Gentle Cleanser with Cottonseed.

A great day! Go grab your samples before they're gone!

They are also having this great promotion whereby the set comes with 2 Shaping Facial Lift (not full size though) plus 1 full-size Defining Eye Lift! The latter alone costs RM 152 according to Affa. And the twin Shaping Facial Lifts are apparently about RM 225 each. WHich brings the total to RM 602 but is now selling for RM 399! Sweet ain't it. Great for sharing too! While stocks last of course.

Also spotted Clinique roadshow, they are giving samples again but didn't bother since I still have mine. And it's the 3-step yet again so nothing new.

Till next time.

By Abby

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Movie Buff: Despicable Me

To be (despicable) or not to be, THAT is the question!!

Yellow minions. How cute are they!?

Despicable Me marks my first full-length 3-D movie of all time. Heck, it IS my first! But fancy movie effects aside, how did the despicable baddie measure up to bigger summer blockbusters? Read on to find out...

Steve Carell (of Get Smart fame) voices Gru, who wants to the most villainous villain of all time. When one of the wonders of the world goes missing, and replaced by a pumped-up balloon version of it to boot, all eyes are on Gru. But did he actually commit that crime? Unfortunately NOT! In his mind anyway. And thus he, along with his awesomely cute and funny minions (see yellow squigglies) devise a plan to commit the crime of the century. If you have seen the trailers, or at least seen the posters, you'll know (or guess) that he is out to steal the moon. Yes, The Moon! That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind...THAT MOON!

Armed with a 10 year-old sketched out plan he sets out to get capital to steal said object. And where should he look for it but at the Bank of Evil (I guess criminals aren't allowed to bank at the same Funny thing is that this Bank of Evil is located in an *drumroll please* actual bank!

Gru faces competition in the form of the actual Pyramid criminal named Vector (voiced by Jason Segel). Now here's a real bada$$! This guy has sharks, heat-seeking missiles on top of his house, lasers, hammers, rocket launchers, the works! And now they fight for the ultimate prize.

Julie Andrews voices Gru's fussy, hard-to-please mother who never rewarded his efforts. You might say she was the cause of Gru's turning into a criminal. And to think, Julie Andrews has played everything from a nun to a queen (on several occasions) and here she is, a hard-hitting criminal mom.

Russell Brand (the future Mr. Katy Perry) holds his own as the criminal version of James Bond's Q. His unmistakable British accent is very apparent but suitably older. He lends his voice to Dr. Nefario, Gru's biggest support. Every supervillain needs a weapons creator after all. He plays a bigger part towards the end of the movie.

Gru, facing major problems from his biggest rival adopts (takes advantage) of three orphaned girls Margo, Edith, and Agnes (who strangely bears a similar resemblance to Boo from Monsters Inc.). The funniest part is that there is one scene in which will remind Pixar fans of a certain animated movie trilogy, and this movie comes from Illumination Entertainment! I could have sworn that it was a Pixar movie based on those two points. I suppose it was merely my imagination.

Overall a very fun-filled movie. My bunch of movie-goers laughed our hearts out practically the entire film, which says a lot! The only part I wasn't convinced off, coincidentally the main point of the movie, is that the villain was not despicable enough! Imagine that, a villain that isn't bad enough. The yellow minions will have you in stitches even though you won't understand a word that comes out of their mouths.

Apparently, Malaysia is being blessed with a cinema opening even before America's. Despicable Me hits Malaysian cinemas on Thursday, 8th July 2010 and spans approximately 1 hour 30 minutes.

So if you're feeling stressed, or want to escape the footie fever all around, sit yourself down and immerse yourself in the world of the Superbad!

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this review financially or otherwise. Everything mentioned are my own thoughts based on my experience.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Movie Buff: The Prince of Persia Is Finally Here!

A scene from the movie

A buff Jake Gyllenhaal

From one of my favourite, if not the favourite producers, Jerry Bruckheimer, comes Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. Having brought to the world the likes of Bad Boys, National Treasure, CSI, and Pirates of the Carribean, and many more, I expected A LOT from this one. Don’t you just hate it when the trailer contains all the best parts squeezed into that minute or two? Heck, I know I do! If you thought the trailer was good, you’re in for a surprise. Compared to the actual movie, it stinks! But one never knows how these video game cum movies will do. But this one far exceeded my expectations!

The movie starts with the introduction of a young Dastan and Bis, orphaned best friends trying to get by in life. As fate would have it, King Sharaman of Persia was in town for a little trip and witnessed Dastan’s bravery and smarts and proceeded to adopt him.

Flashforward 15 years, and Prince Dastan is now a dashingly handsome young man (Jake Gyllenhaal anyone!!) A total opposite from his two older royal-blooded brothers, his approach to life is a brasher, unbiased one. This can be seen in how he storms the gates of Alamut. This you must watch! As usual with Jerry Bruckheimer movies, stunts are original and very well-choreographed. Architecture is also emphasized with spectacularly designed sets and backdrops.

Inside the palace we see Princess Tamina, brought to life in the form of Gemma Arterton. When I first found out she would be in this film, my thoughts were “Uh oh…” especially after the “acting” she delivered in Clash of the Titans. But alas, there is nothing to fear. I thought she did well this time. Granted, she has a major role this time and has moved up from a Bond Girl cum Sorceress to a Princess of a sacred city. She is also the protector of the dagger at the centre of the whole movie/game.

When Dastan is believed to have murdered his father, the King, he is forced to flee, taking Tamina with him. Now he has to figure out who framed him, clear his name, restore peace to his family and country, and get married. What ensues is an incredible adventure filled with cool parkour stunts, and great special-effects! I am wondering why THIS movie wasn’t made into a 3D one. From what I saw, this would have been the only movie besides Avatar that I’d have bothered watching in 3D.

Alfred Molina lends his acting chops as a hilarious Sheik Amar who has an affinity with ostriches. Of all animals, they picked ostriches! Ben Kingsley plays Nizam, uncle to the three princes. There are some very funny characters in this one, and some real bad-asses with vile creatures used to take down the poor good guys. Unlike the Gladiator and Robin Hood movies, the fighting scenes, even though fast-paced, don’t zip by so fast you don’t know what is going on.

Okay, I will admit that part of why I was so looking forward to this movie was to watch Jake Gyllenhaal all buffed up and looking sultry, let’s just say, he didn’t disappoint! Part-way through the movie I even noticed that I wasn’t even looking at his chest. I was too enraptured by his lovely blue oases. Hear me when I say there were some protests when the kissing scene came about. I was silently one of them.

As I was writing this post, the trailer played at least 4 times! No surprise as this is the run-up to the movie’s official opening date. All in all, a MUST-WATCH to me. Even my movie date, who is easily bored and loves to fill those moments by eating popcorn was glued to the screen, quite a feat I tell you!

I will go out and say that this might just be the Summer Blockbuster of 2010!

Prince of Persia: Sands of Time opens in Malaysian cinemas May 27. Go on, I dare you not to watch it!!

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this review financially or otherwise. Everything mentioned are my own thoughts based on my experience.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Must Go's: Kelly Clarkson Live ROCKS!!!

Finally, one of my idols (pun not intended) gets to come to Malaysia!

No cookies for guessing where I’ve just gotten home from! I got to the stadium an hour early to beat the traffic. Walked around and picked up the normal pre-concert freebies ie. balloons and posters. I was skeptical regarding the weather, it rained this afternoon, but thank goodness it didn’t come down. Firstly, I apologize for the lack of photos. We weren’t allowed to bring them in. Not like there was ever ANY way that I could have smuggled my ginormous DSLR in there anyway.

Inside the stadium, I was seated at Block 2, pretty much right in front of the speakers. And boy where they big and aplenty. This was half an hour before the stated 8pm showtime. The crowd was thin and I had a lot of space to myself. We were seated at the corner, yay!

10-20 minutes before 8pm, a Hitz Fm member named Natalie (I think) came on stage and prompted the crowd to cheer. By this time the stadium was practically full. Posters were flung, screams were shouted. Big whoop in my mind. We were then told who the pre-Kelly fill-ins were going to be. Suki ( Sookie??) and Jaclyn Victor to be exact. Found it funny when Natalie shouted that Suki would be coming out. Know why? Everyone around me turned to each other and asked their partners, “Who’s Suki!?!” I was one of them. Haha…

At about 8pm, a van/sedan drove in through the tunnel, shouts filled the stadium. But no, it wasn’t Kelly. It was Jaccyn and Suki. Jaclyn started the show with a medley (a LONG one) – her quote NOT mine. I found it more of a mini Jaclyn concert in itself. Pretty good start to the show! Then Suki came out in what I could have sworn was a wedding dress. A red one at that! With a big poufy red train! She started with a violin rendition, a BAD one. And that was besides the technical volume difficulties! She then sang a Malay song to which most of the crowd didn’t know. Sigh…

At 8:30pm the van/sedan left and another flashier one came in its place. THAT was Kelly’s van!! Woot! Just before 8:35pm, the lights went down, the band took their places, they started drumming and picking their strings and then KELLY CAME OUT!!! And BLASTED!!!!

She rocked, rolled, and jumped about for 90 minutes straight with second-intervals (few seconds). The lights were used to the max, the bass and guitars rocked HARD, and Kelly jumped all over the stage, singing with all she had.

What I witnessed was a no-nonsense concert, no video montages, very little props, no rehearsed dance numbers. Just a powerhouse MASTERCLASS!! Pitch perfect, her range was wonderful. Simon (Cowell) would be so proud.

She sang her greatest hits as well as covering a couple of her favourite songs from other bands/singers like Kings of Leon, Alanis Morrisette, and Kylie Minogue to name a few. I thought she did them so well too!

I’ll share a little secret with you. I found some songs so powerful they brought a few tears to my eyes. See, I admitted it! Those songs had a personal connection for me. But she made them so much more meaningful.

Some songs rocked so hard and loud that the crowd was at their feet, jumping, flinging their balloons everywhere, shouting, screaming…just having a good time.

What I expected was a bit of a diva-ish concert, with Kelly being an American Idol, but what I got was a very down-to-earth, pure talent performance from start to finish. And when I say down-to-earth, I mean it. Between songs Kelly giggled like a schoolgirl, encouraging the crowd on, all while being barefoot. Yes, you read correctly, she was BAREFOOT the whole 1 and a half hours she performed. Moreover, she sported a black top with sequins, black tights, a black skirt over said tights, blue eye makeup, some eyeliner, and tied up hair after the third songs. She didn’t even have a costume change, not that I minded in the least! That just takes up time.

All in all, a MUST-WATCH if she ever comes back again. One of the most deserving, if only, American Idols. Leaving the stadium with a sigh, a happy heart, a pair of ringing ears, and blurry eyes. All I ever want now IS MORE!!!

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this review financially or otherwise. Everything mentioned are my own thoughts based on my experience.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Giveaway Goodies: I Am Planning A Giveaway!!

Just like the title says, I am planning a giveaway when I reach 50 followers.

Plus, if I manage to accumulate a big stash of goodies, I may have 2 giveaways! I for local followers and 1 for international followers! That should be fun right?

Right now I have:

I Nuovi
Various masks

More details soon.

By Abby

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Giveaway Goodies: Origins Earth Day Sweepstakes

Happy Earth Day everyone!

One thing we can do today is to log on to, fill up our details and spread the word about Going Green. You may pick up a couple of goodies along the way so why not!?

Origins will be giving away 20,000 samples, Pavilion KL shopping vouchers, full-sized products, having an auction, and more on the 1st of May at where else but The Connection, Pavilion KL from 4-6pm.

Also, you can support their 2010 Green Initiative by buying one of their Shopping Bags. Either the ChicoBag or the Organic Cotton Shopping Tote (which I have and love since it is so sturdy)! Priced at RM 18 and RM 25 respectively, it will last a long time and you'' be helping the Malaysian Nature Society repopulate the mangrove forests of Kuala Selangor (I've personally seen how bare it is, sigh).

Guess what I tote around on my shopping trips!

By Abby

Monday, April 19, 2010

Giveaway Goodies: Mell Basics Fast Giveaway!

Hey all,

Just a mini post this time. I am swamped beyond belief.

I have a RM 10 Mell Basics voucher to give away to anyone residing in Malaysia.

All you have to do is:

Be a blog follower
Leave me a comment in the comments box with the words "Enter me" with your email address

Winner will be chosen tomorrow, 21th April 2010.

I will contact the winner via the same email address.

Winner will have 24 hours to reply or I will pick another winner.

Thanks all.

By Abby

*Update: Winner has been chosen and emailed.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Movie Buff: Clash of the Titans? More like The Titanic...Sinking

It is with a heavy heart that I must say that this movie disappointed me on quite a few levels. I had such hopes for this one. Especially with Sam Worthington no longer decked out in his career-boosting shade of blue, but as a real man or should I say Demi-God?

So, what is good about this movie? Besides the delish Sam Worthington? For me it was the mythological aspect of the film. Being quite the fan I am, I expected some cool mythological characters. There were a few of course, with Zeus, Hades, Pegasus, Medusa playing pretty big roles. What I didn’t expect was the Kraken, of which most of us have come to know as being from Pirates of the Caribbean. That, unfortunately, was practically all I liked about this movie.

But what was bad about it? For one thing, the space gaps! And boy were they big. Jumping through the ages as we follow Perseus’ (Sam Worthington) character growing up, jumping from one scene to a totally different one, I almost couldn’t keep up.

The fight scenes were really shaky to the point you couldn’t tell who was where and what they were doing. I even found some of the characters’ outfits weren’t done so well, to the point where you couldn’t really see the character clearly. Worse if you aren’t sitting in the top half of the screening hall!

And how in the world can they NOT have Sam Worthington with his pecs! That is such a loss. Or perhaps I am getting too excited over the upcoming Prince of Persia with the hunky Jake Gyllenhaal in full pec mode.

AND, THE ENDING! Meh at the most. Anti-climax I say. Although I won’t say how it happened but you all know how it really ends anyway. Nothing to shout about, more like to scream about in upset.

I really think this movie was made purely for the 3D effect, something I am starting to tire from due to the mass bombardment of 3D movies recently. In truth, I only saw the 2D version but it sure isn’t good enough to make me want to sit through it again.

If you’d rather save the tenner you’d have to spend on this movie, all you have to do is watch the Disney version of Hercules The Movie and you pretty much know what happens in this one.

This movie ain’t fooling no-one!

Till next time movie-lovers

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this review financially or otherwise. Everything mentioned are my own thoughts based on my experience.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Just A Tip: Alternative Cleanser Uses

Ever been faced with the problem where a cleanser failed you? A cleanser that has expired but is still sitting in a dusty corner of you room or drawer? Or maybe even a sample tube that isn't suitable for your skin type yet is too little to pass it along to a family member or friend?

I sure have been in that position before. I still have quite a few of such cleansers laying around. But I am one who hates waste of any sort.
So the best thing to do is to use it!

Just not on your face!

Use it as a cleaner for your reusable glass jars or bottles! The ones you use for your facial products. That is what I do. That way you clean your jars or bottles properly while utilizing a product that might otherwise have gone to waste being dumped into the bin.

A win-win situation in my mind.

Do you already practice this? How else do you use up your unwanted cleansers?

By Abby

Random Thoughts: I Won Something!

Guess what!? My unlucky streak with magazine contests has finally ended. I spotted my name in print in this month's CLEO magazine. Very cool! Apparently I won the Gwen Stefani prize from the January issue.

Very excited now! Am patiently awaiting my letter, albeit a little impatiently. I have never, ever won something from a magazine yet have had countless friends and relatives win big prizes. I guess it is my time! Hoping it is any day now. I'd love to get my hands on it for a review!

Until next time!

By Abby

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Giveaway Goodies: GUESS and COACH handbag giveaway

Check out this very cool giveaway where you can win either a GUESS or COACH Poppy handbag!

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By Abby

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Movie Buff: Alice In Wonderland

Today I got the chance to watch one of the most anticipated movies of the month, Alice in Underland. Oops, Wonderland! Haha… see how different people have different takes on things.

I saw the 2D version, probably not as fun as the 3D ought to be but you skip the supposed massive headache that follows so that was a good thing.

This version by Tim Burton is different from the original Disney picture. Think of this as the live action sequel to its predecessors animated movie glory. The movie started of well, with lots of 3D bits, which of course I didn’t get the full effect of.

Alice is now grown up, a 19 year old embarking on the next phase of her life, marriage. Or so it should have been. But you know that isn’t how the story goes. From the trailer we see her plunging into that little rabbit hole like the first time and encountering the same few characters who become friends. But this time there are quite a few extra characters if I remember correctly. Some scarier creatures haunt the screen but no worries, as good usually prevails at the end.

The ending is as expected. Let’s face it, most of the time you know how a movie will end just by reading a summary or watching a trailer. But it is the inserts that count and make a movie stand out. And this time, I didn’t know what to expect with all the new characters.

Commendable performances courtesy of Captain Jack ( Johnny Depp aka The Mad Hatter) yet again. Check out that makeup! And how gaunt his face looks. Sadly Anne Hathaway’s (The White Queen) part was rather small, she is one of my favourite actresses. I personally thought the pale white skin didn’t match that shade of lipstick, but that is just me. It looked the shade of a bruised plum!

Helena Bonham Carter brought a very believable and horrible Red Queen. I dare you all to recognize Absolem’s voice actor. How fun! And wise he sounded. The Cheshire Cat was a little out of character based on the original, but everyone has a little good in them.

There are quite a few funny moments. Even during the very beginning so try not to get stuck at the concessions counter like I was. Goodness, who knew they only opened at 10:30 a.m. on a weekend nonetheless! And the movie was scheduled to start at exactly that time too. I watched this at GSC’s Mid Valley branch where a lot of people were spotted queuing for free tickets.

As for the movie, the humour was there, the characters loveable and colourful. Yet, I felt that the movie lacked the life-like effect during the nature scenes. I think it would have been more fun, especially for 3D goers, should there have been more going on. But all in all, a good, fun way to spend close to 2 hours.

P.S. Look out for the Mad Hatter's very cute antic at the end of the movie. You won’t want to miss it!

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this review financially or otherwise. Everything mentioned are my own thoughts based on my experience.

Monday, March 1, 2010

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By Abby

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By Abby

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Giveaway Goodies: Win yourself a Shu Uemura Face Mist!

Hey all! Here's another great giveaway! It ends today so get to it right away!

Dubbed "Malaysia's NEXT Top Meow Online Contest" hosted by Meow, I mean MIU of Plusizekitten. In short, there was a party, there was a contest for best dressed Kitty, and YOU get to pick the WINNER! And that lovely Kitty Cat gets to take home a Shu Uemura prize worth RM 400.

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Kucing Buaya - Wing
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Cute Cat - Stellar vixen
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Alley Cat - Fatin
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Persian Cat - Jean
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Kucing Ganas - Babygirl
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House Cat - Candygal
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Tabby Cat - Tutu J
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Sexy Cat - Wendy Pua
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Madame C - Kitty
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Baby Cat - Taysir
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Lolita Cat - Waternymph
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Tsumori Chisato Cat Planet

Black Cat - Janice
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How To Vote?

- leave your vote as a comment in this post with the following details:

1. Follower ID:
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Terms & Condition Of Voting Contest
- only followers of Plusizekitten blog can vote
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- 50% follower voting + 50% judges voting
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(open to International followers as well)
- lucky voter will be selected via lucky draw method.

What are you waiting for! Vote that Kitty into the Waterbowl Office (just kidding!)

I've voted, have you??

By Abby