Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Giveaway Goodies: La Senza Malaysia's HELLO SUGAR Giveaway

My blogger friend Miu over at Plus Size Kitten is hosting a week-long HELLO SUGAR by La Senza giveaway. The prize? A RM 50 La Senza voucher of course!

I've been told this new range can take your gals up two cups! Yes please I say! I need some Va-va-voom in my life!

Here's what it says: 

Lightweight foam padding gives you the extreme boost you crave in a bra that doubles your cup size.

BONUS: Deep plunge at center gore lends to "ignore proof" cleavage! Accompanied by sexy lace overlays. Our “Up 2 Cups” Hello Sugar by La Senza™ bra is sure to make a statement.

Check out the Super Sassy, Super Sexy now in La Senza-Buy 2 and get a RM50 rebate off your total bill. Don’t miss this out!

If you want in on the action and start getting all the attention, go on over to Plus Size Kitten and join in the fun everyday! Did I mention that 2 winners will be picked each day?? That means you have 10 more chances of winning!
This week-long giveaway is open to Malaysia only. Giveaway ends 30th September.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Must Go's: NOVICA 1-day $10 code!

Ever wanted to buy something from NOVICA but was waiting for it to go on sale or waiting to save up for that special something? Why not make that day TODAY!  Be it jewelry, home decor, accessories, clothing, or a gift, take advantage of this opportunity as it may not come around for awhile!

For 24 hours NOVICA is giving out a special 1-day $10 code!! This is in celebration of their new server and to see if it  can handle the shopping surge! How cool!

Here's what you need to know!

Your $10 Code*: BIGSERVER24
Expires Monday (Sept. 26, 2011 11:59PM Pacific Time)


The very best place to start your journey with NOVICA is our unique gifts section:

If jewelry is your passion - you can skip the gifts and dive in here:

That's all for now!  Will review my NOVICA purchase soon!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Foodie Hunt: Ghirardelli Sweet Ground Chocolate and Cocoa

My Story

I first learnt about Ghirardelli from a chocolate program that was playing on cable TV. The Chocoholic in me fell instantly in love with what I saw. From the ice cream sundaes to the shelves of chocolate bars! How I wish I lived in America.
Nevertheless I jotted down the name "Ghirardelli" and found that they produce Hot Chocolate! One of my fave chocolate treats! A nationwide search went underway with me searching everywhere for the wonderful golden tin. But none were to be found. After a few years, I had given up hope of ever finding it in Malaysia. And so I looked to other countries for a taste of chocolate heaven.

Singapore was a dead-end, I was in complete shock. But then, on the last fateful day of my holiday in Hong Kong last year, I happened upon City Super, a lovely supermarket that stocks foods from all over the world! And guess what I found there. GHIRARDELLI!!!! And you know what I did? I swiped all the stock they had on the shelves. Yes, I did!

But What Did I Think of It? Was All the Fuss Worth It?

It sure was! Having exhausted all hot chocolate products available in supermarkets nationwide, Ghirardelli's Hot Chocolate is by far SUPERIOR! Made into a simple yet delectable drink by just adding hot water, it's deep chocolatey hue sends my heart racing in anticipation.Couple that with the extremely pleasant aroma only chocolate gives off and it becomes a little cup of heaven on Earth. Imagine stirring in some reduced milk or even some Bailey's Irish Cream!

All that and I haven't even started on the taste yet. As the rich nectar swirls around in your mouth, you suddenly understand why chocolate was the food of kings in the olden days. Just a sip renders any headaches non-existent with pleasure taking its place.

There are even recipes on the other side of the tin, one being a recipe for what else, but hot chocolate! I'd say you can't go wrong with Ghirardelli, and if you're blessed enough to live in a country which stocks the stuff, take advantage and try out all their other great flavours! I will be seething in jealousy all the way over here.

This liquid nectar can be found at City Super, Hong Kong and is priced at HK$55 for 454g.

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this review financially or otherwise. This was bought for my own use. Everything mentioned are my own thoughts based on my experience.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Random Thoughts: September RAK Sign-Up!

Join in the fun and send someone a book! Who knows? You may get one in return and make new friends in the process. How cool is that? It's win-win! 

  • Sign up each month that you'd like to participate.
  • Show off your participation by grabbing our RAK button :)
  • Create a wish list (on Amazon, Goodreads, Book Depository, or your blog etc) and post it in the Google Doc located in each R.A.K post for the month.
  • If you choose to do a R.A.K for someone, check out their wish list and contact that blogger for their address.

  • Please, once you receive a RAK, email rakbybooksoulmates @ gmail . com so that the Google doc can be updated. There are a lot of requests for this! 
  •   E-book participation is limited to files being gifted directly to a person from the e-book store. Amazon's Kindle Store is set up to allow this, as well as the Kobo store and we believe Barnes & Noble as well.
  • At the end of the month, SHOW US YOUR R.A.K!  Make a post saying 'Thank You' to whoever granted one of your wishes and share it with us :)
Let's keep our International bloggers in mind and in our hearts.
Remember, there's always the Book Depository and they offer FREE shipping!


Here is my humble (or not) wishlist. Please feel free to browse. If you feel like sending me something, please contact me at reviewsbyabby at gmail dot com! Thank you in advance!

Sign up for September {HERE}
See who else is participating in September {HERE}
If you have any questions, please direct them to rakbybooksoulamates @ gmail dot com

Monday, September 12, 2011

Giveaway Goodies: A thousand sheets of paper is giving away 1000 sheets of paper!!

Wanna win this??
 Read on!

 The blog, A thousand sheets of paper is celebrating its blogoversary by giving away 1000 sheets of pretty and colourful craft paper!

But they wanted to spread the crafting love and so are giving 5 lucky people 200 sheets each! But that's not all, they are also adding some major candy to the prize pile! In the form of stamps! Here's the list to whet your crafty appetite!
  • Tickled Pink Lil Steampunk Lilith and others
  • Kraftin Kimmie Clarabelle, sentiments and others
  • The Emerald Fairies Larakins
  • Some Odd Girl Balloon Kaylee and Mooey
  • My Favorite Things Pure Innocence Book in Hand
  • The Craft's Meow Frieda stamps
  • Stamping Bella Arthur and Annie
  • Unity/Bella Blvd house
  • The Greeting Farm Wild Sprouts that I designed (Stella, Ruby, Chelsea and Gigi)
  • CC Designs Birthday Gretel
  • and a Sweet November stamp from each release of this past year (Raspberry Flitter Friend, Briar and Sonata, Princess Isadora, Splash and Wave, Penelope and Juniper, Gemini, Darby and Dazzle, Milk and Cookies Christmas boy, Neva snowflake fairy, Fairwee Josie, jar and sentiments)

This cool giveaway ends Friday, September 23rd then a winner will be announced on Saturday, September 24th.

To find out how you can get your hands on this cool stack of goodies, check out the giveaway post here!