Monday, July 22, 2013

Must Go's: POSH Nail Spa x The Butterfly Project's June Spa Party!!

I was surprisingly invited to June's Spa Party organized by The Butterfly Project hosted at Posh! Nail Spa in TTDI last month. This was my first blogger event after a few years of being MIA from events so I was very thankful for the invite.

I'd never been to Posh! before but that picture makes you want to try it for yourself, no?

This is the first thing you see upon entering. The stairs on the right leads up to Aspen Spa. (where some lucky butterflies got massaged into mush) I didn't get to try their facial and massage as it was fully booked by the time I realized those were some of the activities on offer for the day.

The itinerary for the day!! Notice the cute bathrobe in the piccie, that was our dress code for the Spa Party.

NOW, I'll take you on the tour of the Spa Party activities by Station. Yes, there were a few Stations set up. (one of them was the Facial and Massage Station at Aspen Spa)

First up, as you crane your head to the left upon entering, FOOOODDDD!

The yummy delights we feasted upon at the Spa Party were sponsored by the wonderful Good Friend Cafe.
Bu-bu-bu-r-r-ger-s-s-s (for some reason these remind me of the Minions) and they're pink!

Cute and healthy Tuna on Cucumber hors d'oeuvres

Organic Tofu with Dips

Tamarind Prawnies!!

Ma-ca-roooonnnsss! See, more pink!

Red Velvet Cupcakes! Me likey!

My sentiments exactly. It was HOT but thankfully, we had a cute Honey Lemon Iced Tea pot that magically refilled itself (it never ran dry)

My haulage. Note I didn't get the tofu? I *ahem*don't eat tofu *ahem*

Oh please, did you really think I'd only have one!? What? I'm not on some diet!

Okay okay, that was it for the food. Now that we're stuffed, onto the beauty treatments!

Now we arrive at the DIY Station!

Our hostess of the most-est Tammy. She MADE us make our own Bath Salts!!

The "ingredients" - bowl, wooden spoon, essential oil, organic (PINK!) Australian clay, lemongrass leaf, and well...salt (duh)

Butterflies swarming around the table aided by the sweet Ayna

Another butterfly making her pot of salt - firstly add salt to bowl

Then add in the clay for colour

See the colour change! Add in the essential oils and the leaves and stir, stir, stir

Packed into your very own take-home container and onto the colouring and personalizing!

There were also Lip Scrubs for sale, made by Tammy (Strawberry Honey and Hershey Chocolate)

Lurking nearby was the (at that time) lonely Spa Party mascot

Now to get started on the real work. Manicures!

We got our pick of the Spa Party theme colours

Butterfly Alice getting her nails done. I'm obsessed with her Kimono!!

 Turning to the other side, a look at the great sponsors that made the Spa Party possible. 
Thank you all!

 Some side decorations in the theme's colours

 Next to it, one of the most sought-after features of the Spa Party, fotobox!

 Can you see everyone on the screen??

 More butterflies getting their photos taken and automatically printed

 Reading material for Posh! customers

Mamasan Tammy's air purifier (it was supposed to be for the haze) although I think it brought good vibes to the Party too

Balloons! Don't they look pretty with the light? All the pretty decor was done by Tres Chic Party Planner

 After the photos, we move on to the Mask Station

Butterflies learning about TT Masks from Suanne, the brand's Channels Manager in Malaysia. She was very patient with me and let me perch on one of her stools as I let me nails dry. We got to pick 1 mask to take home!

Functionality Masks are some of their star products

Iron Man has his masks, we have ours

 Onto the Pedicure Station where butterflies are being pampered

 The scrub and lotions used during the Pedicure Session

 Posh! Nail Spa even has free wifi! Score!
 Lookie lookie who I found spying on others

 Vivian, owner of PinkNProper found a new love

 And is kidnapping it! Stop her!
 Tammy giving a ceramah! Geng!

 Teaching us how to use the Fotobox complete with bunny ears
 Another cool feature of the day was the PinkNProper Fashion Show showcasing their new collections with some of the bloggers acting as models








Kah Mon




Bloggers in their own poses

Then just before we were to leave, there came the Prize-Giving ceremony and closing speeches!
Some of the winners of the Fashion Show. Way too many to show so I just picked 2

Some of the lovely staff that worked hard on our nails! Thanks ladies!

I had to leave early (actual leaving time) due to a family dinner that night. I read that a lot of other butterflies stayed until much later for more piccie time.
At home, I went through the goodie bag!
The goodie bag + my purchases from the Spa Party 
 Some of the things in the goodie bag:-
Smoothing and Refining Body Scrub from The Body Shop
Maybelline Lipbalm, L'oreal Paris White Perfect Powder Foundation and Spot Corrector, Max Factor Ageless Elixir Foundation and Serum from OnlyBeauty
Sample Size of Signorina EDT from Salvatore Ferragamo
Oxygen Fresh Gel Lotion from Johnson & Johnson
Collagen Bio Cellulose Mask (free), Orchid Extract Replenishing Mask, Hydra Soothing Moisturizing Fiber Mask (bought) from TT mask
  Discount voucher from Posh Nail 
Discount voucher from PinknProper
 Strawberry Honey and Hershey Chocolate Lip Scrubs (bought)
 Here are my nails!!
I like the sweet pink of my nails! 

 And my toenails
Complete with a wonderful pair of Havaianas that I won in the previous giveaway.

I really enjoyed myself at the Spa Party and because I won a lucky draw, I am getting the chance to go back to Posh! Thanks loads for that!

And also to the lovely sponsors and the awesome SWAT team lead by Tammy and The Butterfly Project for the chance.
Here's a recap of all the collaborators that sponsored the event:
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