Sunday, February 28, 2010

Giveaway Goodies: Win yourself a Shu Uemura Face Mist!

Hey all! Here's another great giveaway! It ends today so get to it right away!

Dubbed "Malaysia's NEXT Top Meow Online Contest" hosted by Meow, I mean MIU of Plusizekitten. In short, there was a party, there was a contest for best dressed Kitty, and YOU get to pick the WINNER! And that lovely Kitty Cat gets to take home a Shu Uemura prize worth RM 400.

But what do you get in return? A chance to win a Shu Uemura Face Mist worth RM 80 of course! Not bad for just putting in a vote.
Without further ado, here come the Kitties!

Kucing Buaya - Wing
posing with her fave Shu Uemura product
Nobara Stick

Lady Gaga Kitty - Masurin
posing with her fave Shu Uemura product
Cleansing Oil in Fresh

Kitty Chan - Candilicious Cat
posing with her fave Shu Uemura product
Cleansing Oil in Fresh

Cute Cat - Stellar vixen
posing with her fave Shu Uemura product
Tsumori Chisato Cat Planet

Alley Cat - Fatin
posing with her fave Shu Uemura product
Eye Liner

Persian Cat - Jean
posing with her fave Shu Uemura product
Tsumori Chisato Ribbon Planet

Kucing Ganas - Babygirl
posing with her fave Shu Uemura product
Tsumori Chisato Cat Planet

House Cat - Candygal
posing with her fave Shu Uemura product
Classic Cleansing Oil

Tabby Cat - Tutu J
posing with her fave Shu Uemura product
White Recovery EX Cleansing Oil

Sexy Cat - Wendy Pua
posing with her fave Shu Uemura product
Classic Cleansing Oil

Madame C - Kitty
posing with her fave Shu Uemura product
face powder

Baby Cat - Taysir
posing with her fave Shu Uemura product
Cleansing Oil in Fresh

Lolita Cat - Waternymph
posing with her fave Shu Uemura product
Tsumori Chisato Cat Planet

Black Cat - Janice
posing with her fave Shu Uemura product
Cleansing Oil in Fresh

How To Vote?

- leave your vote as a comment in this post with the following details:

1. Follower ID:
2. E-Mail:
3.Your Favourite Kitty:
4. Why ______________________ (in 15 words).
5. Blog Link: (double your chances to win by blogging about this contest!)

Terms & Condition Of Voting Contest
- only followers of Plusizekitten blog can vote
- one follower = one vote
- vote for your favourite cat (pose+costume)
- those who blog about this contest & giveaway will earn extra 1 bonus entry
- this contest starts 1/2/10 - 28/2/10
- 50% follower voting + 50% judges voting
- only 1 lucky voter will receive a Shu Uemura Face Mist prize
(open to International followers as well)
- lucky voter will be selected via lucky draw method.

What are you waiting for! Vote that Kitty into the Waterbowl Office (just kidding!)

I've voted, have you??

By Abby

Friday, February 26, 2010

Suitcases: Macro Polo Gateway, Hong Kong

I recently took a short trip to Hong Kong for some shopping and foodie eating. Of course, the weather there was a big clincher! It was winter season which allowed me to whip out my winter clothing. What a wonderful difference from the ever hot little country we reside in. That was the good part.

The bad part? I fell sick! The night before I was to leave for my morning flight! The flu it seems. How unfortunate as I was so looking forward to this trip, it being my first time back in Hong Kong in 7 years!
I have a few posts lined up regarding said trip. This is the first, about the lovely hotel I stayed at. This place is called the Marco Polo Gateway Hotel at Tsim Sha Tsui. One of the great things about this particular hotel is its location! Located along Canton Road, it is one of the main roads in Hong Kong. Think Orchard Road in Singapore. And, it is connected to a major shopping site which has several sections and names, but mostly called The Gateway. Now think Cititel Hotel/Mid Valley Megamall/Boulevard Hotel/The Gardens/The Gardens Hotel in Kuala Lumpur! Same concept, just bigger!

Here’s a look at the hotel. You can watch a 360 degree video on the official website! Very cool stuff!


What’s that? Why show Prada instead of the hotel? Well, the main entrance is actually right across from Prada! Really unhealthy for those without their belts fastened tight! Imagine, I see this very sight every time I go in and out of the hotel! It sure makes my tongue wag and my fingers itchy.

A shot of the room. That’s pretty much it! Besides the bathroom which I never take pictures off. Oh, please excuse the bags! I think this is a really adequate room for 2 people, especially in a busy and happening country like Hong Kong where you are mostly going to find yourself anywhere but the hotel room, besides resting time.

First thing I did after checking in and unloading the bags? Eat of course! I went to my favourite restaurant! That one deserves a post on its own for sure! It’s going to be a really yummy one! Promise!

Just a little note, I’ve stayed in this very hotel 4 times in the last 10 years. And it is getting better and better! Mostly due to the great location. The hotel hasn’t changed, it is the surrounding stores outside that have changed so much that I got lost so many times looking for my favourite spots. I did go home with a better sense of the new Hong Kong!

The ferry terminal behind the hotel/The Gateway shopping complex.

On a good, clear night

On foggy nights

A mural on the other side of the harbour walkway

A lovely and yummy art display

Loves: Convenient location, lots of shopping, good hotel service, adequate sized rooms
Gripes: NONE so far!

All in all, a really nice hotel. If you want a more upper class version, there are 2 more hotels under the same parent company which are also located around the shopping complex. They are the Marco Polo Prince and Marco Polo Hong Kong.

But if I were you, I'd prefer to spend that extra dough on some major shopping and eating! Heck, you only spend a few hours in the hotel room once you get to Hong Kong. So don't waste it!

Until the next post! Ciao!

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this review financially or otherwise. Everything mentioned are my own thoughts based on my experience.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Random Thoughts: Happy Chinese New Year & Valentine's Greetings!

I'll start off by saying the obvious.

Happy Chinese New Year & Happy Valentine’s!!

Hey everyone!

I hope you’re having a good time! It’s a dual celebration this year, treble for those having birthdays today.

I will be doing my rounds as usual. CNY is a big event for my family, lots of relatives to visit. How about you?

To those love-birds, I hope you have a nice evening!

By Abby

Sunday, February 7, 2010

MIA News and Updates Coming Soon!

Hi all,

Sorry for being so MIA recently. Just got back from yummy Hong Kong!

Scenes and reviews about Hong Kong and Penang are coming up soon.

And unfortunately, I have been rather sick. And so has my computer, believe it or not! We both had to visit the doctor. One is fine now, the other getting there.

Anyway, stay tuned and stay healthy! Chinese New Year is right around the corner!

Signing off for now!

By Abby