Thursday, October 29, 2009

Movie Buff: This Is It...A Tribute to the King of Pop

Besides food, skincare, bodycare, and recently makeup, my other passion is entertainment. And especially in the form of movies. I haven’t had the time to go to the cinemas despite all the great new movies that are out. My last was Transformers 2!! Tonight (or Wednesday 28/10/09) however, I was given the privilege to watch a special screening of a particular movie. I just couldn’t pass on this one.

It was entitled, This Is It. for those of you who don’t already know what it’s about, well…someone has been hiding out somewhere I guess. This is the Michael Jackson movie that has been much anticipated and talked about worldwide. And I can see why after watching it.

It isn’t a biopic, nor a documentary. What it is, is an up close and personal concert of sorts. In a nutshell, and without spoiling too much, it is the practice sessions MJ went through while preparing for his tour. You go behind the scenes, watch the rigorous audition process, the colourful and realistic setups, the videos shot just for the tour, as well as witness the genius that is Michael Jackson.

This movie, all 1 hour 40ish minutes of it, was thrilling to say the least. Watching the King of Pop belt out his most famous hits while performing his dance routines, complete with backup dancers and props, what excitement! He sang, he danced, he directed. If you ask me, I’d have thought those legs of his had never stopped dancing for a day! The voice, still the same, still enthralling.

There are a few humorous bits which are sure to make you laugh. Or make your sides hurt. I really liked one prop in particular; a really cool one used in some of the first few performances. Look out for that one! The costumes where so realistic! Especially for the Thriller performance! Didn’t think they’d skip that one did you?

If you like instrumental music, look out for the uber brilliant female guitarist! Awesome I truly must say! A real rocker chick! Without the goth makeup. See it to believe it!

All in all, a MUST watch. Whether or not you are an MJ fan, if only to understand what the hype is all about. I only regret it ended so early. A crash course for the non-MJ fan and a masterpiece for fans. I hope you booked early, I hear those tickets are flying fast!

Watch it and let me know what you thought about it. I just hope you find it as amazing as I did. Public screening starts today (Thursday 29/10/09)!

Well, what are you waiting for!! THIS IS IT!!

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this review financially or otherwise. Everything mentioned are my own thoughts based on my experience.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Giveaway Goodies: Jessying's Birthday Giveaway !

Wanna get you hands on these goodies below??

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My answer?
The lovely heart and flower charms on your banners, together with that pink striped wallpaper which reminds me of the Christina Aguilera Candyman age.

Good luck everyone! This contest ends 31st of October so hurry on over!

By Abby

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Freebies A-Hauling: Freebies & an H2O promo!

I know I haven't posted in a very long time. Real busy with school and all the work that comes with it. A family member has also been sick lately thus not having much time to do any posts although I have so many in mind.

Had a day off today and of course went to get some freebies and samples. Happiness.

First off, went to Jusco in 1 Utama to get Clarins and Clinique freebies. Then off to Guardian for Vichy! Before going to Kiehl's to get some of the new Sunflower range samples.

Did you notice the Clarins? Looks nice huh. I got it from this month's issue of MYC! Magazine! You probably don't know about it unless you're in college. Or frequent various McDonald's outlets. Well they had a page on the Truly Matte range with a 3-piece giveaway! And I got mine!

Included are a 3ml Pore Minimizing Serum, 5ml Hydra Matte Lotion, and 5ml Pure and Radiant Mask! Happy happy happy. Very pleased with Clarins and am truly awaiting the Workshop with the greatest of anticipation. 31st please come faster! 9 outlets are listed for the redemption. It's until the 15th of November so if you can get your hands on this magazine, do so now!

Clinique is having that Eye Cream giveaway. If you don't know about it, go to their Malaysian website. and fill up the form to get your M-coupon! It expires this Sunday so hurry! Unfortunately, the Jusco 1 Utama outlet was already out of stock since last week. So instead, I got a Derma White Moisture Mask in exchange. SA Sally was nice enough to do so. But do try the other outlets. Hope you have more luck than I did. I so want to try their All About Eyes.

On to Vichy. Got it from that mini coupon from MWW magazine. CLEO has it to so get yours now! Until the end of the month. Sachets are from the new Bi-White range, the Essence and Cream.

As I got my Kiehl's newsletter today, I found out for sure that their new Sunflower Color Preserving range is out! Got samples of their raved about Hair Recovery Pak. Look for KCR Yen or Anna. They are lovely. Also got a Creme de Corps sample to try. Tried on a little Pear Tree Corner (PTC) Body Lotion and boy, it smells so divine. Now you know why I have the whole range on my wishlist! Even though I already have their Scrub!

On the way to Kiehl's, I also saw my favourite food shop. Shojikiya!! They are on sale again! Until this Sunday also. RIGHT ouside the Kiehl's outlet. Had to stop by. This is the second one I have been to this year. And I want more!! My haul. I bought my favourite Nissin Instant Noodles but thought it wasn't so appropriate to show you that. Most people know about it anyway. Those are a RM 1 off the normal price. Going at RM 6.50 now!

Hello Panda is for my friend. Although it is rather nice. They have lots of testers for all sorts of food items. Usual price is RM 15+, going at RM 13 right now. Recently have been having an Azuki bean craving. Yes, Japanese red bean craving. I love those littl;e pleasure beans. This is my new favourite snack, All Azuki it is apparently called. Normal price is RM 8+, now it's at RM 6.90. About RM 2 cheaper! I snapped up 3 packs! Subtle yet delightful taste! Especially for those who hate overly sweet stuff. This is definitely for you! Comes in Raisin flavour also but if you can get Azuki, why bother with Raisin I say. Also got a pancake-like snack. Yet another Azuki frenzy treat for me. This one comes with chestnuts too! Got it for RM 16. Those Japanese really do love their chestnuts and Azuki. Also comes in just Azuki. Bought it for a relative recently who said it was really nice thus bought this for myself. Mine! All mine!!

Oh yeah, with purchases of RM 30 and above you get a Pasta Zanmai voucher for a free Matcha Ice Cream! Only in 1 Utama outlet though. I have never been there before.

Saw this ad in the Thursday Star paper. 20% off on H2O Face Oasis Hydrating Treatment 50ml!? Go get it girls! I heard it is really good! Either that or stock up if you already have this. Like the ad says, "Grab the opportunity that may not happen for another 20 years". That is a looong time. Until the end of the month.

Go crazy everyone! See you soon!

By Abby

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Foodie Hunt: Kura, Be Still My Heart

Food, needless to say, is one of my passions. The consumption of it. Not the preparation. Thus, I felt that for my first foodie review, it should be of one of my favourite restaurants of the moment, Kura. Now, I am a real sucker when it comes to Japanese food. And Kura has hit the mark every single time! I have been here more than 5 times now and it just keeps getting better. As I needed to get tickets for the upcoming (I can’t wait!) Beyonce concert, we simply drifted off to Kura for dinner.

Kura is located on the first floor of the One World Hotel. Bet you didn’t know they served good food in the hotel with it being next to 1 Utama. There is a door that connects the two buildings so you can shop till you drop before winding down with a scrumptious dinner.

Now, the place looks like a maze from the moment you step into the outlet. There is a section, which can be viewed from the outside that looks like a Japanese garden.

Another section houses the sushi table, where the chefs are busily preparing your sushi and sashimi orders, there are a few cubicles for a more intimate dining experience, a smoking section, a non-smoking section, and a few other areas I myself have not been into. Walk around and take your pick I say!

Onto the menu, it is HUGE to say the least. I get greedy when I see menus like these. With nice colourful pictures, and even cooler food choices! They even have fugu (puffer fish) and matsutake mushrooms! However, we were presented with a smaller extra menu last night, called their Shokuyoku no Aki menu. Translation, Autumn menu. Even more good stuff to choose from!

In the end, we ordered the Autumn Roll from the well, Autumn menu, as well as 2 Set Dinners (I love these!). They were the Sushi to Yakiniku Zen and the Unagi Kabayaki Zen. Kura has Set Dinners ranging from RM 32 to RM 85.

One thing I really love about this place, they have fresh wasabi! Okay, I personally dislike the stuff but my dining companion, can eat it on its own! you do have to request for it though. otherwise, you get the normal stuff. apparently it's a totally different experience! Try it for yourselves and let me know.

First came the salad, nice fresh, crisp greens with cherry tomatoes and onions topped with dressing.

Then, the Autumn Roll! This was REALLY good! Too bad greedy me forgot to take a side view picture. Inside the roll are salmon, crabmeat, mushrooms, and omelet topped with slices of wonderful avocado and ikura (salmon roe). Delish I must say! The seaweed, although soft (not the crispy type), was so easy to bite through it just melted.

Next, the Sushi to Yakiniku Zen arrived. Consisting of the salad (from earlier), chawanmushi, miso soup, bowl of mushrooms, 7 pieces of delectable sushi, fruits, and of course, the beef itself. This dish doesn’t come with rice as you get that from the sushi. Beef was nicely done, this was a first. A word of caution to those non-wasabi eaters like myself, they do add a little of the green stuff between the sushi. So do bring this up when ordering and have it removed.

This is my love. The Unagi Kabayaki Zen. I rarely eat unagi (grilled eel) in Malaysia. I find it is always not up to my standards but this place, I have it all the time! My set consisted of a bowl of rice, pickles, miso soup, fruits, bowl of mushrooms, chawanmushi, and my favourite, the eels themselves (how many times have I mentioned my love for this?). Perfectly marinated, not too sweet, tender, and yummy. Although, being eel, they do have some small bones in them. So do take care when eating this.

Alas, that was the end of our meal. No space for dessert yet again. Although some do look very promising! Next time perhaps. The uni (sea urchin roe) is good too. So too are their sashimi!

Kura is a pork free restaurant. They sell alcohol though. They serve lunch and dinner, although I have never been there for lunch. I wonder why.

Kura Restaurant
One World Hotel
Bandar Utama
Petaling Jaya
Tel No: 03 - 7681 1111

Tip: Park in 1 Utama if you can. The parking fee at the hotel is pretty high. But beware, the door that links the two buildings closes at 11pm!

Have you ever been to Kura? Do share your thoughts on the place. If not, recommend me some other Japanese places to visit!

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this review financially or otherwise. Everything mentioned are my own thoughts based on my experience.