Friday, December 31, 2010

Random Thoughts: My 2011 New Year’s Resolutions

Well, it’s New Year’s Eve today so I thought I’d just recap what I have accomplished, in terms of my 2010 resolutions and put down my 2011 ones. Hopefully next year will be better. It is the Year of the Rabbit, for those of you who follow the Chinese Zodiac, which is my year! So fingers crossed!

First, I thought of going through my 2010 resolutions to see how they can be improved next year.

1) To be more loyal to my blog and post more frequently and regularly

I did do this, to an extent. I posted more this year compared to 2009 when I started the blog but am still unhappy with the mountain of reviews I have stored in my brain, waiting to come out and be posted. 2011 will definitely be bigger and better!

2) To meet and make many new blog buddies

Accomplished! All thanks to joining blog hops and my 2 big giveaways this year. I will try to do more for next year. And also to definitely make more and more buddies!

3) To take better care of myself physically and mentally

This one was a toughie. Physically, I think I got worse (see below resolution for more detail), mentally I definitely grew. Due to my unfinished college education, I’ve got 6 months more to go! And also I did get to read more books this year. Hope to increase that number for sure!

4) To lose 5kg

Ah, the darn weight loss issue. I think I successfully put on MORE weight when I was supposed to lose it. I so need to look for a good gym around here. One that doesn’t force you into submission and make me never want to step foot in that place ever again! Not that simple here in Malaysia I assure you.

5) To attend more events and workshops (hopefully)

Another one shot down, which is so sad as I love learning more from these events. 2010 has been a bullish year. Am going to carry this forward to 2011.

6) To do all the things I couldn't in 2009

Wondering why I listed this in the first place. It’s just so vague, isn’t it? Well I DID get better at typing, for that I am happy. Won’t be relisting this resolution for sure!

7) To take up photography seriously and be a more creative person

My photography skills have definitely improved since the beginning of 2010, when I got my first DSLR baby. I really should finish reading that manual though. Got to learn those basics!

8) To spend wisely (doesn't mean I will buy less...tee hee)

Ah, I think I did buy less this year. Except for those presents for others, I think I may have overdone it a little. Oh well, they can still be used for upcoming events so that isn’t so bad.

9) To travel and experience new things

This, I really didn’t get to do. To travel more I mean. I love traveling and hope to do more in 2010. I did try some new foods! And found one I really dislike!

10) To live life to the fullest

Again another vague one. I so did not accomplish this. Oh well, 2011 is a brand new year after all!

Now for my 2011 resolutions!! In completely random order

1) To AGAIN be more loyal to my blog and post more frequently and regularly, and to get it redesigned and nice and tidy (which I am currently in the midst of)

2) To finish up the rest of my college degree, to the best of my abilities

3) To lose 5kg

Brought this forward, even though I now have to lose more weight, but let’s start with a more achievable number.

4) To take up photography seriously

There’s just so much of it I want to explore, like Macro Photography! Now if only I could travel more.

5) To make new blog buddies

6) To save more money for my future travels and spending wisely on books!

I just love books! Already I have too many that have not been read. Must get on those!

7) To attend more events and workshops

8) To travel more and read more

9) To get a part-time job AND learn to drive!

10) To be a better person (calmer and more patient)

11) To clear the clutter that’s in my house

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