Thursday, December 16, 2010

Just A Tip: What To Do With Moisturizers You No Longer Want

I'm sure you've all been in that situation where we buy buy buy and store, hide, pack away. We're girls and who doesn't love shopping for that special item that may restore our youth? In the end we end up with numerous moisturizers, even more once we actually start digging deep into those drawers and closets.

So sometimes we fall out of love with the moisturizer after the whole long-lost find. Or maybe it's been sitting hidden so long you're afraid it may react badly on your facial skin. Perhaps you feel bad about the price you had to pay for it but now am not willing to give it away, yet don't want to use it on your face.

The simple solution: Use it on your neck, or even on your legs and feet! They definitely won't complain and the risks are lower that you'll break out.

Just a tip, so you don't throw out a fairly good product and waste it.

Till next time!

By Abby

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