Saturday, June 29, 2013

Bod Talk: Havaianas, Here I Come!

I was so busy that I rushed to Havaianas the second last day we were supposed to redeem them by. And was greeted by this sight in the window. Go BALIstic! Wow! Havaianas is having a contest where some lucky person is going to win a trip for 2 to BALI! ARGH....I want that!

The store-front. I wasn't sure I was at the right store because of the 
BALIstic sticker blocking the "Havaianas fish"?

A slightly better view from inside the store. Would have been really pretty
 if we could see the big fish.

YAY! I'm in the right store! Great way to show off all the variety of flip flops huh. Already so many rows to choose from.

Welcome to the Land of Havaianas!

But next to the entrance, you get to read up on the Design Evolution of Havaianas! From something resembling a Japanese slipper to the Havaianas we know today!

First thing you see when you walk through the door.

There are rows upon rows of Havaianas!! It's amazing! There must be an army of designers churning out collections every year.


Look! MORE Havaianas! And they have lots of stock! I love when there's always stock. Don't you just hate it when you find the PERFECT pair and they don't have your size? Anyway, I got my choice of Havaianas Slim from the range on the left (picture below) besides the last 2 pairs at the bottom. I could not pick between the silver ones and the gold ones and the grey ones. Black was out as it was a little plain, and the pink ones, not a great shade for matching stuff to be honest. I wish it were a lighter shade of pink. That would have been so pretty and I'd definitely have gotten it.  

MORE Havaianas!

Look Ma, even more Havaianas!!

And men say women are crazy and that they take hours to pick a pair of shoes. Who's talking now! There must have been a zillion designs in this shop mister!

A really spacious store! I like not feeling claustrophobic. 

I like when stores make sure there's a lot of space for customers to walk around. Look at all those sofas! There were at least 3 of them in the store!

The lovely staff were busy packing up my new pair of Havaianas.

The staff at Havaianas were really friendly and helpful. I didn't even need to show them my e-voucher. They just asked for my ID and checked my name off. I guess it also helped that I was the *ahem *second last person to collect my Havaianas *ahem*. The guy in the piccie showed me to the selections and helped me pick out my perfect size and went straight to pack them up while I was happily snapping away.

Great for summer! Classy and colourful.

This is probably my favourite Havaianas. It's it just princess-like and pretty?

And now, to reveal my chosen pair of Havainas! Which will it be? You just have to scroll down then!

TA-DA! My choice! Going for GOLD!

Loving my new duds. Sorry for my ugly feet! *gulps*

Yes, you'll have to see these babies at the Spa Party. Oops....

Anyway, I am so excited for the Spa Party tomorrow! Thanks LOADS to Havaianas and The Butterfly Project for my VERY FIRST PAIR!! See you all there!

Havaianas Stores can be found in Pavilion while the booths can be found at leading malls.


  1. i got a feeling u're going for gold when u talk about our fave pair! the gold with pearls!!!

    Lucky girl... I wish I win a pair too!!!

  2. Wah Tammy! Thanks for commenting. *feels honoured by your presence* like the gold with pearls too ne. I wish I had the moolah and stick some pearls on my pair of plain goldies LOL.

    No worries. You win stuff all the time!


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