Sunday, June 2, 2013

Bod Talk: Gimme a H-A-V-A-I-A-N-A-S, what does that spell?

 Why I want a Havaianas!
 Do you really have to ask?

Everyone keeps on talking about this thing called Havaianas. Havaianas this, Havaianas that. But what's the biggie? It's a pair of slippers! Right??

My THREE Reasons Why I Want (NEED) a Havaianas!!

Reason #1  
~ I have suffered at the hand (foot rather) of a ratty pair of slippers. This is super comfy and comes in a rainbow of colours!

The below 'illustration' with help using the LINE program. This is a true story, I really DO have the dark spot. Please read below for clarification.

Reason #2
~ Everyone keeps on talking about Havaianas but I still don't have one yet! It's time for a new pair, for a new me! Even celebrities love Havaianas! They are so chic and stylish I hope they can make me those things too! *wishes*

Reason #3
~ If I DO get to attend the Butterfly Project's Spa Party *wink wink* *ahem ahem*, I'm going to need something to show off my pretty new nails!

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Have YOU Havaianas? 

 I NEED one *points above*

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