Friday, June 21, 2013

Must Go's: The Butterfly Project's July Social Butterfly Event ~ The Massage PARTY x Amante!!

I got so excited when I saw the post saying the Rafflecopter for this AH-MAY(July)-ZING Blogger Event was open that I rushed through the entries! UNTIL, I read the rules and it stated that I have to do all the entries at the same time? D-UH! *knocks head against wall*

So...unfortunately this is going to be a bit of a rushed blog post yet again. READ THE RULES, ABBY!!

This time around the greatness that is The Butterfly Project is organizing a MASSAGE PARTY and is hosting it at one of the wonderful sponsors, Amante Nail Spa & Body Care! Bloggers will have their pictures taken at Photobooth Malaysia and be amazed at the beautiful party decor provided by the lovely Ask Joey - The Sweetest Party.

Sounds like a BLAST doesn't it?? I think so. Can you say MASSAGES? And PHOTOS? And BLOGGER MEET-UP!

If you're lucky, you get to 
Stay Calm & Relax with Amante this 6th July (Saturday)!


Sad Reason #1
~ I feel so stressed out these days. It's not just the family stuff, parent getting sick (again), not getting to go out, I FEEL physically, emotionally, and spiritually stressed OUT! And this darned haze ain't helping!! GAH!! *pulls hair* Yes, I think I am losing lots of hair every month because of all these stressors. I am trying not to get stressed out but I have so many kinks in my back I can't help but get moody.

How could you NOT relax at a cozy place like this?

Sad Reason #2
~ I have not had a massage in months! That is not good news as massages are good for blood circulation. And massages help to get rid of the awful thing called *gulp* cellulite *whispers* Yes, I NEED this massage very VERY badly.

I want to look like this!

Hopeful Reason #1
~ What could be better than to CHILL OUT for a whole day not just with my new blogging buddies *hopefully* but it would be AWESOME to get a lovely massage one week after my upcoming mani pedi session!

No wonder so many people look up to Audrey Hepburn even to this day!

Want to be a part of the Amante Massage Party? Score your ticket over at The Butterfly Project! You'll float like a butterfly after this Party!!
May the odds be forever in your favour!

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