Thursday, May 9, 2013

Face It: Nature & Co Pure White Milky Lotion Light

As per the picture below, I received a joint sample of Nature & Co Pure White Milky Lotion Light along with its non-milky version, which I reviewed yesterday. This was thanks to HiShop's April Beauty Ambassador Programme.

Yesterday was the normal toner most people associate facial toners with, and today, it's the milky version's turn!

This sample consisted of 3ml, more than enough for the whole face. Too much for one usage really as it spreads easily and I had enough to apply to my neck as well! So just a little is enough, very economical.

A picture of the back of the sample for those of you who read Japanese. I can't so I had to get more info from the website, as shown below.
Again, I must say I love the packaging of Nature & Co's samples! So easy to tear open! No fuss, no spillage, no wastage!

  • Goes on with a fresh texture and blends delectably into skin. Whitening lotion that leaves skin moist, creamy, and exceedingly soft to the touch.
  • A whitening lotion that wraps skin with dry tendencies in a solid veil of moisture, leaving skin noticeably plump and firm.
  • Vitamin C derivative (base compound) suppresses melanin generation and wards off spots and freckles.
  • It has a lush, moist texture that won't feel sticky on the skin. Delivers a pleasant sensation with rich moisture you can feel.
  • It has a scent of fresh herbs that will make you want to breathe in deeply.
  • No artificial coloring.
  • Dermatologically  tested (Caution: this does not mean that the product is guaranteed non-allergenic for all users.)
  • Organic marigold extract  (moisturizing)
  • Organic rosemary extract (moisturizing) 
  • Vitamin C derivative (whitening) 
  • Spring water (moisturizing) 

If you read yesterday's post, click here if you haven't and want a comparison, you'd have read that I did not like that lotion/toner very much. But this one is the exact opposite! I really like this one! It's quite thick so you really don't need very much. Absolutely no allergic reaction against my sensitive skin, smells less herbal than the other lotion, much more pleasant really, and didn't sting my eyes at all. I was left with moisturized and supple skin instead!

And best of all, I used this right after washing off the Nature & Co Vital Purity Lift Mask I reviewed earlier here. This made my skin feel even better after the tightened skin. I recommend this lotion for those who, like me, have dry and sensitive skin. I like it so much that I may just pick this one up once my current lotion/toner runs out! I am THAT happy with it.
Nature & Co Pure White Milky Lotion Light consists of 130ml and costs RM 58.90

Disclosure: I was given the product above as part of the Beauty Ambassador Programme but was not compensated financially or otherwise. Everything mentioned are my own thoughts based on my experience.

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