Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Face It: Nature & Co Pure White Lotion Light

As part of the HiShop's April Beauty Ambassador Programme, part of my care package, if you will, contained some samples from Nature & Co. Now I've seen this brand in my local pharmacies but have never really thought much about trying them. I am happy to have been given the chance to do so without having to take the plunge and buy a full-sized product before testing it out.


The one I am reviewing today is the Nature & Co Pure White Lotion Light. This is like your normal toner, just a transparent liquid formula. If you don't already know, the word 'Lotion' in Asian culture tends toward toners rather than the usual Western term for moisturizer. In that sense you could say that is why Asians put an emphasis on the usage of facial lotions, with it being a moisturizing toner. 

This sample consisted of 3ml, more than enough for the whole face.

A picture of the back of the sample for those of you who read Japanese. I can't so I had to get more info from the website, as shown below.

I love the packaging of Nature & Co's samples. I know I know, how hard can it be right? But you know that they actually care when it is easy to open up a sample sachet. This one is the easiest by far that I have come across. Leave it to the Japanese to perfect even the tiniest of details!

  • Whitening skin toner that penetrates easily into the skin to fill the skin with moisture and make your wish for pure and transparent skin come true.
  • Softens skin and boosts its ability to soak up nutrients, while at the same time delivering whitening ingredients deep inside the skin. It leaves skin healthy and teeming with pure translucence. Vitamin C derivative (base compound) suppresses melanin generation and wards off spots and freckles.
  • It has a lush, moist texture that won't feel sticky on the skin.
  • Delivers a pleasant sensation with rich moisture you can feel.
  • It has a scent of fresh herbs that will make you want to breathe in deeply.
  • No artificial coloring
  • Dermatologically tested (Caution: this does not mean that the product is guaranteed non-allergenic for all users.)

  • Organic marigold extract (moisturizing)
  • Organic rosemary extract (moisturizing)
  • Vitamin C derivative (whitening)
  • Spring water (moisturizing)

I must admit I didn't quite like this one. I have very sensitive skin and although I did not develop any allergies after using this product, I felt it was a little too strong for my skin. The scent was also a bit strong for my taste, unless you really like herbal scents. Also, it may contain a bit more alcohol than my usual toners. I know when a lotion/toner is too strong for me when my eyes start to sting, that's one tell-tale sign for me. But of course, you should be aware that this might not happen to others so don't count it out just yet.

Nature & Co Pure White Lotion Light consists of 180ml and costs RM 58.90.

Disclosure: I was given the product above as part of the Beauty Ambassador Programme but was not compensated financially or otherwise. Everything mentioned are my own thoughts based on my experience.

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