Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Random Thoughts: April RAK Wrap-Up

Well, April was just a totally bad month, for me and for the world I believe. With Boston, then Texas, and all the innocent people who lost their lives and is just so sad.

On my side, I suffered a loss too, of a relative. And another one is in the hospital. A really bad month.

As such I did not manage to get any books out. I WILL send one in May though. That I am sure. 

More news that saddened me, I was contacted for a RAK this month. But alas, the person, who's name I will not reveal for their sake, never replied to my emails and I most definitely have not received anything. I think it is one thing to offer someone a RAK, but not going through with it is not very nice. 

Anyway, I am SO looking forward to May since this month has been so sucky. I hope it was better for everyone else.


  1. I'm sorry April wasn't good for you... and believe me i understand the felling when we are contacted ( or when we contact ) and then it's suddenly silence without an explanation... i mean if something happened and she or he couldn't follow with her/his offer the least would have been to tell you.

    being hurt this month i had to postpone one RAk but i contacted the receiver to explain ( i also contacted those for who i was just late) in my opinion it's normal.

    I had a good month not that received ton of books but this oen was meaningful for me and i guess we all need those sometimes to keep hope and keep sharing

  2. Sorry about your loss and other relative that is in hospital. Healing thoughts your way.

  3. @miki,

    Hi hi. Yeah. Just knowing that I shouldn't get my hopes up would be better than just waiting for nothing.Aww great to know you got a meaningful RAK. Yes, we all need something good to look forward to once in awhile.


    Hi, thanks lots for your prayers and wishes. I hope you'll have a good May!


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