Saturday, January 9, 2010

Random Thoughts: Are We Spreading Ourselves Too Thin?

This truly is quite a weighty issue (sorry for the pun!). This isn’t an actual post about our weight, but the weight of the things we do during our days and nights. Let’s start with the basics, the daily grind.

The recommended hours of sleeping time is set at 7-8 hours a day. Add that to the average 9-5 working or studying hours and we have 15-16 hours. That alone leaves us with around 9 hours left in our 24 hour days. Not to mention the extra work to be done at home like schoolwork or work, from work!!

Top that off with actual house work, toilet duties, and semi-proper meals, and we have roughly 4-5 hours left. Now that gives us about that much time left over for entertainment!

Most of us have some kind of a routine. Be it catching out favourite series on TV, surfing on the Net, shopping our wallets dry, playing games both online, Facebook, or in real life, and blogging for some of us! No wonder Malaysians don’t read very much!

The unfortunate thing is that many of us have interests in practically all of the above! I know I do! My TV series and movie addiction is already enough to drive some people insane. I was a former addict of Facebook and Orangeshark online games too. Damn you Restaurant City! The recent ones being Café World, Farm Ville, Pet Society, and Vampire and Mafia Wars! So many of my friends are so addicted to these they send me requests all the time. And time and time again I have learnt to decline. Although it has taken some work on my part I must say.

I feel the pinch especially when it comes to blogging. I have written so many partial reviews in my head I am ready to burst! I keep telling myself, “tomorrow will be the day” and yet, each day passes by so quickly I don’t even feel as though we have been granted 24 hours! If I were to be a Superhero, I’d hope for powers like Hiro Nakamura’s. At least I wouldn’t go crazy trying to balance sleep, work, and entertainment.

That’s it for random thoughts today. I hope to post about my Penang trip soon. Very soon let’s hope.

No wonder I listed “To be more loyal to my blog and post more frequently and regularly” as my #1 New Year’s Resolution!! I own myself as well as everyone who reads this blog that much at least.

So with a sigh and a pant, I end this post. Until next time! Stay lovely!

By Abby


  1. waiting for your next post!!^^

  2. Hi Jean,

    Thanks for being a loyal reader! Wish I could read your posts too.

  3. haha i know what u mean.. I still haven't posted my penang entries.. ;)

  4. Hi PiggiYing,

    Neither have I. Neither have I. We should get on those soon gal. I even got to watch something yummy being made! Should be an interesting post. Will get that up asap!

    Looking forward to reading you posts too!


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