Monday, January 4, 2010

Giveaway Goodies: Win a complete Kérastase minis set

What a way to start the New Year than a head full or gorgeous locks! And here's your chance to win some Kérastase goodies courtesy of Hair in Manila!

Your first look at the lovely prize up for grabs

The Hair Care Collection

The collection of shampoos, conditioners, masques,
and treatments all in one cool box!

Take a look at those babies! Aren't they cute?

To win, all you have to do is:

1. Write about the contest in your Facebook wall/blog/multiply/myspace/etc.

2. Make sure to link your post to Hair In Manila's comments section.

3. The contest starts on Dec 30 and ends on January 8, 2010.

4. The winner will randomly drawn and you'd better remember to add your link becuae all links will be checked!

5. The winner will be announced on January 9, 2010

The wonderful part, it it OPEN INTERNATIONALLY!! And shipping is free as well. Now does that make a cool, beneficial giveaway or what?

For more information, do check out Hair In Manila's blog post!

Go get your posts in or regret it!

By Abby


  1. Wahhh when u post all these freebies.. make me salivate... ;)

  2. Hi PiggiYing,

    Go your entry! That's the point right? To make us drool over the pictures to make us want to enter!

  3. Yes indeed :p hahaha, thanks for joining Abby :D

  4. Hi Birdie,

    Thanks for having this awesome giveaway! Do give us the heads up next time you have another!

  5. Do you know where I can get this gorgeous Kerastase set??

  6. Hi Candie,

    Thanks for your comment. I believe this one was only available in the Philippines. Even I have not seen it in my country. So sorry, am not much help.


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