Monday, January 2, 2012

Random Thoughts: New Year, New Resolutions of 2012

Since it is officially 2012, I thought I'd go through last year's resolutions and add on some more new and more realistic ones!

1) To AGAIN be more loyal to my blog and post more frequently and regularly, and to get it redesigned and nice and tidy (which I am currently in the midst of)
      Still awaiting my new blog design addition, keeping my *fingers crossed* it will be soon and really pretty! I think I did better on my posts last year but I still have so much to blog about.

2) To finish up the rest of my college degree, to the best of my abilities
Yes! I have officially graduated, a few months ago actually.

3) To lose 5kg
Err...EPIC FAIL. I think I put on more weight instead.
4) To take up photography seriously
Not achieved. Lots more to be done.

5) To make new blog buddies
Achieved in a way but lots more to go.

6) To save more money for my future travels and spending wisely on books!
Bought LOADS of books last year and now, to read them!

7) To attend more events and workshops
Am dropping this one for awhile, I just don't have the time

8) To travel more and read more 
Done and done! Now to blog about them.

9) To get a part-time job AND learn to drive!
I got a part-time job woo hoo! Not the same goes for the driving though sadly.

10) To be a better person (calmer and more patient)
 People still test my patience but I will continue trying to progress.

11) To clear the clutter that’s in my house
Still working on it! 

On to 2012!

Reading Goals

1. To Read More YA & Dystopian Books
      I have yet to read a dystopian book, crazy much (!?) but I have some with me so it's time to read them! 
      2. To Read The Odyssey, Complete Works of Sherlock Holmes (have had it for years) & Shakespeare (all of which I already possess)
      Been putting these off due to crazy book buying habit and they're just SO LONG!

3. To Read Books before Watching the Movie Versions
People always say the books are usually better, now I want to make it a point to read the books instead of just jumping to watching to movie due to laziness.

4. Blog About Books Read
I like to read and sometimes it comes in a marathon, yet I can never find the time to blog about them, this is the year to change that habit!

Blogging Goals

      1. Blog more! 
      Enough said. What else is a blog for?
      2. Learn to Comment More
      It seems as though I don't read other people's blogs but instead, I really do! But I must learn to show my appreciation for their hard work and spend a few minutes letting them know!

3. Get My Blog Button & Bar And Reorganize My Whole Blog
      Been wanting to move things around and make things easier and more organized and so I will!

Other Goals

     1. Continue My Studies
     2. Learn To Drive
     3. To Lose 5kg
     4. To Improve On My Photography Skills
     5. To Clear the Clutter That’s in My House
     6. To Be A Better Person 

Happy 2012 everyone! Let's work hard at our resolutions this time so that they aren't just words on a post.


  1. PLEASEEEE do yourself a favor and read a Dystopian ASAP! Dystopian and Post-Apocalyptic is my favorite genre!

  2. Hi Tara,

    Thanks for that! I HAVE since read a dystopian book. Across The Universe AND A Million Suns! Well, that makes 2 then. Reviews coming soon! Post-apocalyptic you say, now that I have yet to come across. Thanks for the recommendations!


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