Sunday, June 26, 2011

Giveaway Goodies & Must Go's: Palmer's and Eubos Promotion at 1 Utama!

Came back from 1 Utama just before closing time and right after dinner I was doing some window shopping, and shopping shopping, since it's the Mega Sale now. Spotted an Eubos and Palmer's Roadshow stall by Caring Pharmacy right in from of the Kiehl's outlet. Obviously, I decided to close in on it since 1) I love Eubos!! And 2) I saw a see-through box with bottles inside (usually means some sort of recycling activity - which I love and hope more brands would encourage!)

So off I went and as I approached the stall, a promoter came to me and handed me an Eubos sample. Yay for samples! It came with a form which he then told me was for the recycling program. See they have this recycling program which ends (June 26) where you drop ANY empty bottle/tube of skin care/body care product into the afore mentioned see-through box and you get a RM 5 voucher to be used on the spot! AND they were having some great promotions! And there are tester bottles for all the products so you can test before you buy! LOVE!! The products are already reflecting promotional prices and you get even more GWP along with it! Buy RM 60, RM 120, RM 300 and get some great goodies! 

I stocked up on some Eubos products, which I love and will review of course!

So don't wait for anything, get to 1 Utama fellow PJ/KLites and grab some great bargains! Don't say I didn't tell you so!

To recap:

The event: Eubos/Palmer's Roadshow
The place: In front of Kiehl's outlet
The time: June 26 = last day!!
The deal: Samples, testers, and promotions galore!


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