Thursday, April 22, 2010

Giveaway Goodies: Origins Earth Day Sweepstakes

Happy Earth Day everyone!

One thing we can do today is to log on to, fill up our details and spread the word about Going Green. You may pick up a couple of goodies along the way so why not!?

Origins will be giving away 20,000 samples, Pavilion KL shopping vouchers, full-sized products, having an auction, and more on the 1st of May at where else but The Connection, Pavilion KL from 4-6pm.

Also, you can support their 2010 Green Initiative by buying one of their Shopping Bags. Either the ChicoBag or the Organic Cotton Shopping Tote (which I have and love since it is so sturdy)! Priced at RM 18 and RM 25 respectively, it will last a long time and you'' be helping the Malaysian Nature Society repopulate the mangrove forests of Kuala Selangor (I've personally seen how bare it is, sigh).

Guess what I tote around on my shopping trips!

By Abby


  1. Thanks Abby for invitation, see u there!! ^^

  2. Hi Cia Wei,

    Hopefully. May be too busy that day though. *fingers crossed*


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