Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Just A Tip: Alternative Cleanser Uses

Ever been faced with the problem where a cleanser failed you? A cleanser that has expired but is still sitting in a dusty corner of you room or drawer? Or maybe even a sample tube that isn't suitable for your skin type yet is too little to pass it along to a family member or friend?

I sure have been in that position before. I still have quite a few of such cleansers laying around. But I am one who hates waste of any sort.
So the best thing to do is to use it!

Just not on your face!

Use it as a cleaner for your reusable glass jars or bottles! The ones you use for your facial products. That is what I do. That way you clean your jars or bottles properly while utilizing a product that might otherwise have gone to waste being dumped into the bin.

A win-win situation in my mind.

Do you already practice this? How else do you use up your unwanted cleansers?

By Abby


  1. Hehe, I use them to clean my bathroom sink.. especially those days after I wash off yucky colored mask :)

  2. Hi Foxy,

    Hey, that is one cool tip! Good thing I don't use coloured masks. I only use sheet or sleeping masks. I sure am lazy.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. wow this a nice tip thanks for sharing I am definitely going to try this

  4. Hi alvira,

    Thanks. Just use it up so as not to waste!


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