Sunday, January 10, 2010

Must Go's: HELP! Somebody Save Me!!!! A Kiehl's/Miu Exclusive Party!!

By now you should have read or at least heard about the very Berry Birthday Party being held by Kiehl’s for the lovely Miu of Plusizekitten.

And if you haven’t, here’s how you can score a very limited invite to this exclusive party!

The deets on the party:

- Kiehl’s 1 Utama

- Friday, 15th of January

- 6 – 8 p.m.

- Exclusive to 20 Super Duper Very Berry Fans!

Want the scoop on the party?

- There will be games

- There will be prizes (of course!)

- There will be GOODIE BAGS!!! (are you drooling now??)

- There will be the launching of their new Organic, Damage-Repairing Acai Berry skincare range!! And more!!!!

So, HOW do you become a Super Fan you ask??

- Make sure you’re a Plusizekitten Follower

- Create your very own comic strip NOT frame (YES! You get to be your very own Superhero! Think Superman, Spiderman, or even Catwoman!)

- Blog about it if you have a blog OR e-mail your comic strip to if you don’t have a blog

- Contest ends 13/1/10 at 2.00p.m. Results will be out on the night of the 13/1/10

- The 20 BEST comic strips* will be invited to attend this party by e-mail

- Come dressed as a masked crusader, be it with a mask or even with your costume

- The best dressed superhero costume will win a PRIZE!

Now you want to create your own Kiehl's Comic Strip. Here’s how!

- Go to

- Click get started now!

- Click create strip

- A how-to window pops out! (this teaches you exactly how to do it! your friendly neighbourhood comic strip maker!!)

- There are 3 background comic strips to choose from

- Just add your own TEXT into the bubble box

- You can even change the colour of your character's hair/skin/eyes etc (mine has PURPLE hair!!!)

- Save the comic strip to your desktop & email/blog about it

- Why not have some extra fun sharing it on Facebook/Twitter and show the world your inner comedian!

Simple right? If a computer noob like me can do it, so can YOU!!

Terms & Conditions of the Super Fan Contest to be posted as a comment in Miu’s blog post:

- Your follower ID:

- Your e-mail:

- Your blog link to comic strip:

Kiehl's Recycling Programme for this Party!

What’s more, the lucky 20 Super Fans get to SAVE THE EARTH WITH KIEHL'S by recycling! For every 3 Kiehl's bottles you return, you get a deluxe sample for FREE! A win-win situation if anything. What are you waiting for, start collecting from friends and family! You can even choose to decant your own bottles, the lovely people at Kiehl’s won’t mind. Hehe…

Here's my comic strip!

Subway Superhero: Never Too Late With Acai Berry

Visit Miu’s blog post to see a few samples of other bloggers’ comic strips!

*Comic Strip entries will be judge by Kiehl's & Miu on 13/1/10. Winners will be contacted by e-mail on 13/1/10 itself. Please look out for the results day on 13/1/10 night!

*Some pictures in this post come courtesy of Miu

GOOD LUCK EVERYONE! Have fun creating *cough playing cough* with the comic strip maker!!

A BIG THANK YOU to Kiehl's and Miu for organizing this Super Duper Powah Party!! I hope I get picked!

By Abby


  1. no problem abby!!! and it's your birthday on that day too!!!!

  2. Hi Miu,

    Good to know! Thanks. Shh... no need to tell people. Haha...


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