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Suitcases & Must Go's: The Phantom of the Opera, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Image source: Sistic Website

I was in Singapore last month for my cousin's wedding so I grabbed the chance to cross one thing off my bucket list. That is, to watch The Phantom of the Opera Musical by the one and only Andrew Lloyd Webber! It's been a dream of mine to watch this since studying the book in high school and watching the movie version that came out in 2004. And it was such a spectacular experience indeed.

I sat in the VIP section just a few rows from the stage so I got a really great view! Yay me! Hey, if it's a once in a lifetime opportunity, shouldn't you go for the very best? I think so anyway. Life is short, so savour it right!

I was enthralled by the splendid decor. Everything looked so magnificent and realistic. The curtain changes were fast and went by so smoothly it didn't affect the flow of the performance at all.

Even the curtains are pretty

A look at the opening number, can you spot the Chandelier in the piccie?

OH MY FREAKING GOSH! The chandelier was beyond words. I don't have a picture of it to show you sadly but it was breathtaking. And the most amazing part is if you sit in the VIP area, you become part of the performance, almost! The orchestra did such a great job hyping up the moment I even got goosebumps. It took a lot out of me just to keep myself in my seat, I was so excited.

Isn't the decor gorgeous?

And the costumes, oh dear, were so colourful and creative. Especially after Intermission, they continued with Masquerade and it was SO much better than in the movie. Every colour under the sky was utilized, it was such a sight to behold. No drabby black and white outfits here. There was so much to see it was like watching a tennis match. Left right, left right. Just trying to take in everything and burn it into my memory to relive on my own.

Look at that beauty! The details!

And I haven't even talked about the singing yet! With Brad Little at the helm, it really was quite stunning. He did a good job playing the famous, or should I say infamous, Phantom, although I felt he missed a few beats. But I think that is expected of a live performance and made everything more realistic. Claire Lyon was brilliant as Christine DaaƩ, capturing the essence of the character while instilling her own voice in the role. I loved her rich, deep voice as opposed to Sarah Brightman's high-pitched one. Anthony Downing was also great as Raoul, but of course, his part was significantly smaller. John O'May was absolutely HILARIOUS as Monsieur Firmin, making him one of my favourites from the performance. Andrea Creighton too was a master in her version of La Carlotta. I can't get over the part where she croaked.

There really is nothing like watching a performance live in front of your very eyes. The colours are so vibrant and the actors are bursting with life. And take my word for it when I say that the decorations alone are worth the ticket price, they were just so essential to the performance they blew my breath away.

I loved every minute of The Phantom of the Opera so much I wouldn't mind watching it again. And I even bought the Original Cast Musical CD to take home as a souvenir of this exhilarating experience I'll never forget. It's something for musical lovers as well as newbies alike. Even my father who knew nothing of the story enjoyed it so thoroughly he still hums the songs every day.

I'm so glad I got to live out a dream. And here's hoping they will return soon. Or at least perform in another country nearby. Count me in!

The Phantom of the Opera closes September 1, 2013 and is showing at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. Grab your tickets before they're gone at the Sistic website. Prices start at S$55. 

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