Sunday, December 30, 2012

Random Thoughts: 2012 Resolutions Revisited

Since it is now the last few days of December 2012, I thought It would be fun for once to see if I managed to do the things I said I'd do (or try doing).

The following was copied from my post in January.

1) To AGAIN be more loyal to my blog and post more frequently and regularly, and to get it redesigned and nice and tidy 
    Unbelievably, I actually did WORSE than the past 2 years! Less posts...I wonder how THAT happened. Craziness I say. I WILL DO BETTER in 2013!

2) To finish up the rest of my college degree, to the best of my abilities
    Since graduating uni, I've started a new program and am halfway through the first year. *fingers crossed I pass!*

3) To lose 5kg
    What is it about 2012?? I ate MORE than I think I have ever eaten! Damn those Groupons. Lol.
4) To take up photography seriously
    Bah! Still pretty much untouched.

5) To make new blog buddies
    Made some good ones this year. I hope our friendship will continue to grow.

6) To save more money for my future travels and spending wisely on books!
    I think I overdid my book buying this year. Will "try" to cut back next year. "yeah right"

7) To attend more events and workshops
     Am dropping this one for awhile, STILL don't have the time.

8) To travel more and read more 
     Didn't get to do much travelling this year sadly. Lots of family issues came up.

9) To get a part-time job AND learn to drive!
     Worked quite a few months AND did not learn how to

10) To be a better person (calmer and more patient)
       Yet again, people still test my patience but I will continue trying to progress.

11) To clear the clutter that’s in my house

Reading Goals

1. To Read More YA & Dystopian Books
           Read quite a few and LOVED THEM! Will blog soon! I hope.
      2. To Read The Odyssey, Complete Works of Sherlock Holmes (have had it for years) & Shakespeare (all of which I already possess)
           TBR is freakishly getting longer....I'll pass on this for now.

3. To Read Books before Watching the Movie Versions
     Failed when it came to Hunger Games. Loved the movie though.

4. Blog About Books Read
    Read below.
          I like to read and sometimes it comes in a marathon, yet I can never find the time to blog about  them, this is the year to change that habit!

Blogging Goals

      1. Blog more! 
          Getting worse strangely.

      2. Learn to Comment More
          Been trying this a bit. Getting better!

3. Get My Blog Button & Bar And Reorganize My Whole Blog
          Still waiting on my blog designer to deliver the goodies. SIGH...

Other Goals

     1. Continue (and PASS) My Studies
     2. Learn To Drive
     3. To Lose 10kg
     4. To Improve On My Photography Skills
     5. To Clear the Clutter That’s in My House
     6. To Be A Better Person 

2012 has been especially trying for us all. What with the horrific random shootings, freakish natural disasters, and all the other nasties like the economy and such.

Just remember that we (at least) managed to survive an "apocalypse"! Put THAT on your resume next time. That could be fun.

Keep on living your lives everyone! To the fullest!

Goodbye 2012!!

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