Friday, January 14, 2011

Freebies A-Hauling: CLEO Came A-Coming

Got a little shock on Wednesday, I saw 3 CLEO Minis! They were there giving out freebie and had a mini contest where you had to count the number of mags in the back of the Mini to win this month's Limited Edition MINI CLEO mag.

These are the goodies I got! I GOT THE MINI CLEO mag!! Woo hoo! Thank goodness I hadn't bought it earlier like I wanted to.

Goodie bag consisted of:
2 sample bottles of Colgate PLax
Clean & Clear Active Acne Clearing Gel
2 CLEO Post-It pads
2 CLEO pencils (pictured above mag)
2 CLEO handphone chains

Come January 15th, MY BIRTHDAY(!!!) at 1 Utama, CLEO will be giving away lotsa goodies!

Prizes: First 50 readers who flash the MINI CLEO mag will get goodies from Shiseido and MINI merchandise, makeup and hair makeovers by Shiseido
Time: 2:30pm - 5pm
Venue: Ground floor main entrance 1 Utama

Will review the sample goodies as well as my birthday dinner soon!


  1. Happy Birthday in advance :D
    Mine will follow soon... :)

  2. Thanks Foxy! That's cool!Happy Birthday in advance to you too!


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