Friday, November 27, 2009

Giveaway Goodies: Win A Chanel Lip Gloss!

This time around Miu of Plusizekitten is giving away a brand new Chanel Lip Gloss for the best pouter!


*slurp* so good u wanna eat it!
my favourite: stila lip glaze in grapefruit
(don't hide your face, my pic is just an example)

To win the CHANEL lip gloss, Miu wants you to take a picture of yourself posing with your favorite lip gloss and a caption! Pout, pose, or do anything with your lip gloss so as long it looks real damned good or cool!

This is how to enter, leave a comment in Miu's blog post with your details:

Follower Id:
Blog Link: to your yummy lipgloss picture
If you don't have a Blog: email your picture.

For the weak hearted and extremely camera shy followers:
(like myself)

Just spread the news around by blogging & leaving your blogged link in the same blog post. The lucky blogger will win a travel size Stila Lip Glaze.

Terms & Conditions:

- contest starts 20/11/09 and ends 1/12/09
- only followers of plusizekitten can enter the contest, if you're not a follower please join by clicking the follow button on the right hand side of her blog (somewhere below the links).
- only complete entries are valid
- only 1 photo per entry
- bloggers can post up in their blogs while non-bloggers can email me a pic
- your pictures will be put up on her post for judging
- you can wear a mask/hide your identity while posing with your lipglaze (for those who's shy)
- judging is based on voting

So what are you waiting for, get posing and send in your entry now!

Happy posing and Good Luck!

By Abby

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