Sunday, September 13, 2009

A warm welcome

Hi all, thanks for stopping by.

Will review everything near and dear to me. Food, movies, skincare, bodycare, cosmetics, and even books perhaps (in the future). Hope you will find something to read that is useful.

Reviews are my own, meaning my opinions, thoughts, and experiences. Not everything that works or doesn't work on me will be the same for you so please do exert caution.

That said, enjoy! Hope to see you around.

By Abby


  1. Boy, am I privileged to be the 1st one to comment in your new blog! Congrats dear!

    Am so waiting for your reviews on....say, the whole lot of stuff you won from my Summer Giveaway? Because honestly, many of those products I haven't used them before myself ;)

    Got a headstart!

  2. Hehe...thanks for dropping by!

    Haha...So far only one. But more to come of course. Oh no! So many! nice of you to giveaway stuff you haven't tried yourself. Will get to them ASAP! Have started using some already...Kiehl's.

    Can't belive you were up so late. Or should I say early?

    Look forward to those reviews! Now you can bug me for them too.

  3. Hello :) sorry I couldn't drop by earlier, was too caught up in the heat of err...all things busy haha. Congrats on the birth of your blog, I'm following you now :)

    Be sure to post lotsa fun stuffs on the workshops u have been to! and events too! i know u have been to a lot!@

  4. Miu!

    Thanks for taking the time. I know you are on your break. Hope you recover soon and post more yummy stuff for me to look at. Thankies!

    Haha...what workshops? 2 only so far. So sad. Must bring me along for more!


  5. oh yes abby!

    u interested to go to marie france's workshop?

  6. Haha...Marie France? I just read that post. Not sure. Don't want them to say I am fat or anything. Self-esteem will be shot. Hehe...Clarins I WANT!

    Oh, no need to post your posts here dear. I go to your blog almost everyday. Sure will see your posts. Thanks for letting me know though!


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